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and I became a child again

and I became a child again.

Recently when I got a week full
having no hurry to carry
my children for tuition
or to carry my self to the office
I thought it would be all better
to take leave from
the all poetry too.

My prayer sincere I found
was sanctioned
as I didn’t feel
much pressure from my pen to write
more and more poems
like a sales person dying
for achieving the sales target.

The ring tone of my poetry
is basically sad
and I know that
my poems are lava of
my erupting unhappiness.
So, I had no pressure to write means
I was feeling happy.

That’s the secret
I am trying to share with you
that searching readable in book self
I explored and read stories of Birbal
a courtier both wise and witty
of the Mughal Emperor, Akbar
enjoying almost like a child, once again.

via and I became a child again.