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We do not text to each other these days
but yesterday my old friend texted
” Smile is address of life.
smile is a way to get success
smile is to win the hearts
smile improves your personality
so, smile always.”

This time I smiled for a reason
different altogether.
I told to myself
This text might have come
to a wrong address, by mistake.
Or she’s forgetting now
how hard once I smiled
but address of life
was not found
neither success nor the heart.
Little bit of personality improved
only when I could learn
how to hide such smiles.
I also told to myself
Unintended messages
need not be replied.
I’ll talk to her instead.

via Smile!.


a smile that changed the world

a smile that changed the world.

It could mean
a yes also
but I took it
for a no.

Now I hear them
it’s never a no
when a girl smiles.

What do I do now?
Time is left
eons behind!


via a smile that changed the world.