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The pen which can sleep for a year

The pen which can sleep for a year.

The pen decided to sleep
at least for a year
and except for once
when it woke up for a cry
the pen enjoyed
a painless time.

Let the gift of freedom
even not to write
anything at all
be fully enjoyed
(even) by the pen
unless it feels otherwise.

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This morning

This morning.

This is as usual another morning in my life
but not like one I have recently witnessed.
But one which I’ve often missed witnessing
For years til now everyday, day after day,
Though they must have come without fail.

This morning is like one, which I’d witness
When I had a face and a mind of a child
Who would have long reasons not to sleep
Longer than any other child of those days
I have but lost that face and mind of a child.

I am happy once again in life that I witness
Though for different reasons this morning
Which would otherwise slip away from me
keeping me asleep, Like every other slipped.
I wish to get back that child in me who slept.

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