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A river in my heart

A river in my heart.

I carry a river
who sings bhatiyali songs to me.
I carry her in my heart.

She carries chip,pansi,dingi,sampan
and all other kinds of boats-
of fishermen’s pride.

Also she carries chital,boyal,haair
puti,khalisa,meni,pangus and all other
tasty fishes,fishermen’s secret riches.

She carries brides shy
going first time to her new home
in a bojra or gaina with tearful eyes.

She carries besides
all those nimbus clouds of the sky
to their home to the sea nearby.

But this river I carry in my heart
also carries memory of a frightening
war trodden night.

I carry this river in my heart
singing bhatiyali songs to me
far far away who carries my mind.

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