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a journey to reality

a journey to reality.

I felt no pressure on my eyes
no heaviness on my chest
no nausea or heartache.
It was very easy this time
reducing them in hundred
to make my friend list look more real.

Then I felt the headache.
This time I made no mistake
took the balm and rubbed it well
on my forehead.
Slowly relieved
I went to sleep for hours.
That is what you should demand.
A sleep with no dream to disturb.

via a journey to reality.



Not three, we are now four.
Three plus one makes four
and so is true
for two plus one plus one.

Is there any more suspect?
Like two plus one plus two?
Four or five?
On June 7, 2008
someone died.
May her soul R.I.P.

Stay away friends.
Investigation is on.
Who there not knows
what somehow
a detective lastly proves?

via Suspicion.