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The Telescope

The Telescope.

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Leave it to Holmes

Leave it to Holmes.

I knew nothing about
Jeremy Brett
until yesterday
read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
a lot in my teens.
Hope this is not a sin.

I know Vidya Balan
She is really very cute
I read about her in newspaper
She is now the hot Bengali girl
though she is not.
I have not seen her Kahani
nor the dirty picture before.
Such things happen
because there is no multiplex
in my city yet.
The small screen is too boring
to erstwhile cine goers.
Hope Vidya will not be annoyed.

Be it his appearance or voice
Amitabh is always great.
Be it “Rango bharose bheege…” or
” Jadi tur dak sune keo na ase
tobe ekla cholo re”.
Am I a purist Tagore fan?
not perhaps
but this song has always been
my favorite.In fact
it injects
courage to your veins
to move alone.

Pansies were absolutely absent
in my dictionary till day before.
Now I know they can not write
good poems.
Me too a pansy I guess.
Presently I have
a turban and a cap
But I’m no Holmes.
He was the only master.
I can only imagine a ship
sailing to African shores…………

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Growing little uP

Growing little uP.

The boy will grow now
little up.
Up to at least

when he has courage
to say a goodbye
and mean it too

Just like the girl
But Never Up to
where the girl has marched ahead.

Life has been so boring
for ages now
running after a mirage.

It’s a pity
It’s a pity
how many more boys run

just like this boy
and even many girls do
when some boys other march ahead.

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A special cup of tea

A special cup of tea.

In a busy market place
he sells tea.
Tea and biscuits,
but he knows
I take only tea.

A special cup of tea
once in a week
every Sunday
at the end of fish
meat and vegetable

I prefer sugar
he knows
I like high flavor
he knows
I like strong liqueur
he knows.

He sells tea
to the shopkeepers
all around
but I deeply feel
he loves to entertain me
with a special cup of tea
full of care and respect.

His father
very old and feeble
prepares breakfast
for a few regular customer inside
and adding
such nowhere found
family flavor
he caters tea.

l like strong liqueur
he knows
I like high flavor
he knows
I prefer sugar
he knows
and also he knows
his old and feeble father
loves to work.

Every other day
his old father lives
only because
he is allowed to work
with honor and respect
he knows.


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