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The end of a life

The end of a life.

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after “they lived happily thereafter”

after “they lived happily thereafter”.

Tell me what happens
after many years
when your story is already old
and people surrounding
your youthful days
rejoicing your moments
of victory in love
are all dispersed
in different directions
and you don’t know where
they are all gone!
Do you search
for a shoulder to cry on?
Do you feel yourself
unsafe in a cage
once made up of love?

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Apsara- the celestial nymph

Apsara- the celestial nymph.

Don’t forget you said
“I am closer than all distances”

Don’t forget you said
“I am not leaving for a bit anyway”

Don’t forget you said
“I have known you for ages and ages”

“Come back, my Urvashi, come back”
Your Pururava cries.

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Did I say you “hon”?
Of course I did.
Because you said “Darling”.

“You are killing me softly with your song.”
believe me, it was music to my ears

“I really don’t know how to respond.”
you said
Now it is me.

“You are wonderful, P.” You said
and soon I became wonderful.
You know, I fell in Love with me.

“next some will be for you and only you.”
and soon I became the Lighthouse.
“You are truly terrific.”

took me to the seventh heaven.
“You are SWEET. Love you.”
took me beyond.

But you also said
“I hate the boring stuff.”
before you left.

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Folly of a lover boy

Folly of a lover boy.

The boy had something else to tell
about some other girl
as if he was in a hurry to show
an honesty certificate must
to win over her heart.

So directly and indirectly he tried
to say his prelude to the girl.
But where on earth was a girl ever
ready to listen such a song

The boy was dying for the girl
as much as he died once earlier.
If never loved someone in childhood
you won’t understand how
the boy wasn’t doing everything wrong.

Rest is his fate that he loses
his soul mate to a monster called time
and also the girl he loved now
to other monster called common sense
for she had also an illiterate heart.

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A Shadow Game

A Shadow Game.

I should not write about you.
This is not wise, not decent.
Not yet illegal, though.

I don’t want to impress you.
There is no point in it.
The end of our story is already old.

Maybe I am practicing bowling.
Maybe I am checking
the ground reality of the pitch.

Does the ball bounce?
Does it spin? Or it just sleeps
when it reaches to you?

They would say, this is a shame
but no one is there around.
Not even you.

Only me and my heart,a police man
who always hunts you out
to play this shadow game.

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