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Miss you cosera

Miss you cosera.

via Miss you cosera.

I miss my friend Cosera.She is missing.
I’m worried about her laptop.
It was friendly when she reported last
on this friday morning from
the land of the Humming Bird
“lere” of the Arawaks
The Island of the Trinity
La Isla de la Trinidad
as Christopher Columbus
renamed her.

Though we always remain
at nine and a half hour-hand
though our mornings
never meet each other
though we always look
at the other side of this sky
our ethereal soul would meet
and discuss
the anatomy of hearts.
We would jointly look
into the abyss of the time bygone
and would feel the thrill of exploring
the match in our chromosomal types.

I miss you spicy, I miss you.
I miss the taste of your hand-
made saada roti and choka
I miss the aroma of your tawah and chulha
I miss your peaceful morning
feeding the folks of hungry birds.

Fight Cosera fight.
Fight with the mechanic to deliver
your laptop fast
completely repaired and free from all bugs
for this heart is too fragile a thing
which breaks too often or at least
gets deleted in a computer crash
accidentally, Julie,
you are someone
I’m missing so much.

Her name is not Julie

Her name is not Julie.

I call her Julie but this is not her name.
She is my anonymous friend.
Her happiness makes me happy
and her sorrows make me sad.
But searching you won’t
find her anywhere
for she lives in my thoughts.

Trying to reach each other we clean
facade and blind
johari window panes.
She is not one who gives me up
nor one I can give up either
and thus our friendship grows.
I call her Julie but this is not her name.

via Her name is not Julie.