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Give your child a heart

Give your child a heart.

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Postmortem of a heartbreak

Postmortem of a heartbreak.

My heart is a broken heart.
So I have kept it aside.
Sometime I ponder
it could do a miracle
if it was intact
and put into right use.

But alas!
It didn’t happen so.
I had complaints
to my God
for gifting me this sorrow.

Carrying this heart for years
now I say my thanks to my God
for not gifting me the heart other
which was too cruel to be broken
or I would have failed to carry it so far.

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Folly of a lover boy

Folly of a lover boy.

The boy had something else to tell
about some other girl
as if he was in a hurry to show
an honesty certificate must
to win over her heart.

So directly and indirectly he tried
to say his prelude to the girl.
But where on earth was a girl ever
ready to listen such a song

The boy was dying for the girl
as much as he died once earlier.
If never loved someone in childhood
you won’t understand how
the boy wasn’t doing everything wrong.

Rest is his fate that he loses
his soul mate to a monster called time
and also the girl he loved now
to other monster called common sense
for she had also an illiterate heart.

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