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Be careful,when you deal with me.
Things are not at all happening
the way they should, they would.
A converting machine is working
somewhere! A force pulling
everything in its stomach twirling.
As if,finding more meanings
except one it means is its only job.

I am afraid,really afraid
things will never be the same again.
I am afraid, you’ll soon
dislike this person who cannot say
yes to your yes
and no to no,anymore.
Friends,I am afraid,I’ll
lose you more who are already lost.

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Death of an Evening

Death of an Evening.

I will probably write a poem
to hang this evening till death.

No hope that it will survive
the harassment of time unkind.

Else,I kept this evening for you
but you have lost the reason to take it.

Wish those days did not change
and I had no reason to interpret

what you say and what you mean
and what you mean but never speak out.

Wish I did not buy that instrument
which only increases the distance.

I could then arrive to your door by walking
to give you no chance of saying any excuse.

But most of our wishes are not fulfilled
so I’ll not move and allow this evening to perish.

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A morning walk

A morning walk.

Look there, I’m walking with a friend besides me
at this foggy seven in the morning
instead of sleeping, up to the nine.
I hear, who walks, walks even at four
when sometime in summer
it’s time for me even of going to the bed.

But I want to leave no scope for you to think
I’m insomniac.You can instead, think me a poet.
A poet who sleeps and wakes in twenty first century A.D.
This is important to mention here because,I guess
a poem may travel across centuries
and who knows it is not mine?

Look there again,Look
I’m walking with a friend besides me.
Walking,talking,telling this and that
you may even guess, what, if you have at least
a few patch of whites in your hairs
or if you have a grown up child who is
appearing on a high school exam this year.
Then you might also have reason for walking with us
right here tomorrow morning.

Look, there we stop, near the tea stall.
This will be my second cup of tea here
leaving the first cup at home.
Who cares, how many cups we share
enjoying this rarest and funniest discussion.
With advantage to our age seems we have
lots of hot topics to share.

The want of more cash in life and its absence
is something where we started from and soon
we shifted from topics to topics with added spices.
And it was all set for us to have a shift
to philosophy soon and there too we went
discussing to our hearts content.
No intention, message or dogma-
but I wish, you too enjoy, such a morning with us.

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life ends with a computer crash

life ends with a computer crash.

I’ve recently survived
a massive heartbreak
working overnight in vain
and lastly by changing
an input drive
and upgrading
my random access memory.

Now I own seven windows
to enter into my world
more effectively.
You can not imagine
how blank I felt
when I went to sleep
with the rising sun elsewhere.

You can rightly call me
an internet addict
to whom most of this world exists
within this rectangular screen.
Whether this is too bad
is a different question but to some
life ends with a computer crash.

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a journey to reality

a journey to reality.

I felt no pressure on my eyes
no heaviness on my chest
no nausea or heartache.
It was very easy this time
reducing them in hundred
to make my friend list look more real.

Then I felt the headache.
This time I made no mistake
took the balm and rubbed it well
on my forehead.
Slowly relieved
I went to sleep for hours.
That is what you should demand.
A sleep with no dream to disturb.