when we meet

when we meet.’

Sorry to say……
sorry to say……..
sorry to say………..
Well, I’m not going to say anything.
It’s useless saying.
You are not one who listens.
I’m also not one who insists.

Maybe in life I’ve said
and you’ve listened
We both are resistant.
Not saying
not listening
may be a better platform
that we can share.

reminds me
of a railway station.
There we say
we listen
until the train comes.
until we rush
for our respective berths
manwise, sectionwise.
Hurridly saying goodbye
or forgetting.

The train remains
the same
we make new friends
because a journey this way
is better performed.

Then again
we get down
or forgetting to say
a goodbye
more or less both
meaning the same.

Thing is that we both
know this story.
One you who do not listen
one me who do not say

via when we meet.


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