Things I will do again

Things I will do again.

I am not at all good
in matters
of keeping promises

especially one
which I make to myself

especially when
I promise not to repeat

Don’t ask me
how many times
have I secretly pulled

my ears
as self punishment

It’s too large a number
to count and remember.
It does not work.

Mistakes occur
at very close intervals.

I can not distinguish
between fake and real

I can not disbelieve
at first appearance.

I can not think or do
things very intelligently.

Mistakes are all found
already committed
when I become aware.

Such qualities do not
make me special
in good sense.

But what to do
I can not go
away from myself.

This me
against all deficiencies
a person
too reliable
and faithful.

Decades, no joke
I have passed with him.

He has survived
thousands of mistakes.

A few more miles
I guess
not too long a journey
to accomplish.

via Things I will do again.


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