Plant a plant

Plant a plant.

I said ‘Plant a plant’.
You said ‘Plant a plant’.
We said ‘Plant a plant’.
He said ‘Plant a plant’.
She said ‘Plant a plant’.
They said ‘Plant a plant’.

I didn’t plant a plant.
You didn’t plant a plant.
We didn’t plant a plant.
He didn’t plant a plant.
She didn’t plant a plant.
They didn’t plant a plant.

I say ‘Plant a plant’.
You say ‘Plant a plant’.
We say ‘Plant a plant’.
He says ‘Plant a plant’.
She says ‘Plant a plant’.
They say ‘Plant a plant’.

I don’t plant a plant.
You don’t plant a plant.
We don’t plant a plant.
He doesn’t plant a plant.
She doesn’t plant a plant.
They don’t plant a plant.

Shall I plant a plant?
Will You plant a plant?
Will We plant a plant?
Will He plant a plant?
Will She plant a plant?
Will They plant a plant?

via Plant a plant.


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